Mandatory Equipment

  • Head Torch - 300 lumens or (preferably) greater (adaptive allowed) with sufficient power to last the duration of the race.
  • Backup Head Torch - because kit fails sometimes and you don't want to be on the cliffs without a light.
  • Weatherproof Jacket - taped seams, fully waterproof, 10,000mm- 20,000mm hydrostatic head.
  • Weatherproof trousers - can be lightweight so long as they are waterproof and windproof.
  • Long sleeve top, hat and gloves - this can be carried if not worn at the start.  Weather can change dramatically and quickly so this is essential, especially if you need to slow down or stop.
  • Space Blanket - in case of emergency we can reach you quickly but you can also get cold quickly.
  • Trail Shoes - road shoes will not be adequate for the cliff paths in November.  Terrain varies from hard rock to soft mud.
  • Mobile Phone - fully charged to last the duration of the race.  You should have the race emergency number entered and ready. 
  • Small First Aid Kit - wipes, bandage and plasters.
  • Bottles or bladder with sufficient capacity for 15.5 miles of cliff running.
  • Backpack or race vest - to carry the above and to allow you to carry your food and nutrition.
Recommended but not Mandatory

  • Reflective clothing or a small rear light for your pack. 
  • Change of clothes for the finish.
  • Sleeping bag and mat should you wish to sleep after you finish (tents provided)