Results 2019


Position Forename Surname Number CP Finish
1 Aivis Kergalvis 95 02:25:15 05:27  NEW RECORD
2 Ben Scott 84 02:31:45 05:37
3 John Melbourne 92 02:48:00 05:47
4 Graham Merfield 72 02:32:15 05:55
5 Andy Alford 78 02:39:30 06:06
6 Josh Davies 80 02:38:38 06:10
7 Guy Rogers 75 02:54:30 06:23
8 David Fairbrother 90 02:54:30 06:33
9 Mark Hoskins 63 02:59:38 06:39
10 Chris McClymont 67 03:06:30 06:41
11 Stephen Cousins 60 03:20:40 07:08
12 Glenn Doel 55 03:24:45 07:09
13 Martin Walker 64 03:12:45 07:17
14 Stuart Moseley 87 03:21:42 07:25
Kevin Blann 91 03:19:20 07:41
Harry McAlinden 94 03:27:41 07:52
Brett Bewey 82 03:28:35 08:09
Jonathan Dorey 54 03:43:43 08:24
Tom Chamberlain 50 03:43:58 08:49
Tom Becker 93 02:25:15 DNF
Kirk Bourgaize 79 02:31:50 DNF
Allan Rumbles 65 03:41:30 DNF
Simon Mackenzie 57 03:52:10 DNF
Martyn Roberts 73 04:10:30 DNF
Dean Cooper 62 04:31:45 DNF
Pete Morgan 66 DNF DNF
Louise Mcwilliams 52 DNF DNF
Audrey Reddington 58 DNF DNF


"A quick note of thanks for an excellent race at the weekend. The race setup was very professional, with full kit check and gps tracking of all the competitors. Add in the roving marshals and the welcome checkpoint at the half way point, I don't recall a race on this scale where I've been so well looked after.

 The course was almost flawlessly marked, but no less challenging than during daylight - except that you can't see what's coming next. The cliff paths were so peaceful at night, and with the clear starry skies and the sounds of the sea below making for a serene night of running, despite the endless climbs and descents.

 Seeing the leading and chasing head torches at various points as you crested a climb, or rounded a corner, was great motivation to keep moving, and seeing the sky start to colour for dawn helped to stay focussed during the latter hours into the welcome finish, complete with coffee and bacon butty.

 Thanks to all the marshals and helpers, and of course yourself for putting the event together. It deserves to fill-up as quickly, if not quicker than the GU36." - Pete

"Thank you for a great event! So so many stairs! Will be back next year!" - Kirsty

"Many thanks to Peter and the team. Super well organised event. Just need to make the course a bit easier next time." - Tom

"Thank you so much to all helpers and marshals. Well organised friendly race as always." - Brett

"Thank you so much to all of the organisers for your time and efforts to make the Gun31 happen - so much appreciated - the course marking was excellent, the warm cuppa tea at half-way was very welcome, and the encouragement from the guys in the sweeper-car made the difference between keeping going or bailing. I was certainly not on running form so all the extra help got me home - thank you." - Jonny

"Thank you Peter and all helpers was a great race." - Rex

"Once again all the super crew put on a fantastic race thank you and well done you all deserve medals oh and well done the runners." - Harry